Polar Unicorn Kisses Seltzer


Unicorn Kisses and Sparkling Dreams

What does a unicorn's kiss taste like? Well apparently people are dying to find out.

For those of you not from New England, Polar is famous for their weird flavors of seltzer running the gamut in recent years from chocolate cheesecake seltzer to jalapeño citrus margarita seltzer. Their latest line is more mythical and somewhat less descriptive. 

With a flavor name like "unicorn kisses" is you have literally no frame of reference for what to expect. My best description is a mixture of blue raspberry, cotton candy, and bubble gum. It's interesting having those flavors in a seltzer, there's no added sugar or artificial sweeteners in it, but it has the flavor of cotton candy which is literally just sugar. 

Would I rush back to buy more of it? No. Am I glad I got to try it? Sure, it's worth the novelty.