What The Flip?

Flip Yeah!

You might be wondering what a flip is. You'll occasionally see them on your local cocktail bar's menu, mostly during the colder months. Or, you might have seen a recipe for one online, perhaps on a wonderful blog like ours.

Flips are one of the original American cocktails. Originally served after being heated with a hot iron, we prefer to make ours the modern way with ice. 

Flips use a whole egg, not just the egg white, giving them a beautiful yellow color from the yolk and a rich and thick mouthfeel. 

For all you fitness buffs out there, you'll love the extra protein the egg gives you. However, it's probably not healthy enough to be on your gym juice bar's menu any time soon.


Check out our Rum Flip recipe for an example of a flip. 

CocktailsRob Baird